Dark Green Auckland
Living in the age of limits

A view from the peak

We are living through a transition into an age of limits and a post-growth economy.

Human society is in overshoot. The five interrelated themes of Peak Planet, Peak Oil, Peak Debt, Peak Inequity and Peak Complexity underpin our emerging reality - an inevitable transition into an age of limits and a post-growth economy.

This reality is the context for our work.

Facing a realistic future

Eyes wide open, we will confront our future in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland and explore how to live within it.

Dramatic and chaotic changes are already happening. In the near future all of us are likely to experience unavoidable discontinuities to the social structures and ecosystems we are familiar with and rely on. However, our current situation also presents a range of opportunities for shifting to new ways of living, new cultures. It is the potential and dynamics of this shift that we are most interested in. There are a number of vital questions that are currently only being peripherally considered. We have come together to address them, urgently and directly.

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Implode. Explode. Unload. Reload.

An exploration of insights and opportunities provided by Gregory Hoskins' creative framework for those brave souls looking for meaning, purpose and identity beyond industrial consumer society?
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